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Pediatric Medical Supplies Kids Love!
At Pedia Pals, we carry everything you need to outfit your pediatric clinic.We make
medical stuff just for kids. Our pediatric equipment and furniture help doctors
take good care of the little ones.

Design Products

Pedia Pals products are designed to make pediatric offices more kid friendly.

Happiness Guaranteed

More Referrals from happy patients & parents

Increased Productivity

Exams go quicker with cooperative patients

Check out our Pediatric Medical Equipment

Our medical equipment keeps kids comfortable while you provide top-notch care. Doctors
use our special tools to check on kids' health. We have variety of equipment’s including:

Reflex Hammers

Check reflexes gently with our colorful rubber hammers featuring fun animal shapes.
Get accurate reflex responses without frightening patients.

Wall Decals

Decorate with removable wall decals of favorite characters, animals, shapes, and more. Change them up periodically to match themes or holidays. Our vibrant graphics engage active minds.

Exam Table Paper

Keep exam tables hygienic with our disposable animal prints paper covers. Paper stands up to messes while entertaining squirmy tots.

Step Stools

Help little ones reach the sink or exam table easily with our sturdy step stools. Available in fun colors and designs that match your decor. The anti-slip surface keeps patients steady and safe.

Pediatric Scales

Our colorful scales weigh patients gently. They calculate exact weight and BMI to help keep track of growth.

Measuring Tapes

Monitor growth with our playful tape measures. Dual units make sizing easy for newborns through teens.

Therapy Bed Sheets

Decorative printed sheets make exam tables friendlier. Waterproof backing contains messes.

Blood Pressure Kits

Our child-sized blood pressure cuffs and monitors provide accurate vitals. We offer manual and automatic options in fun colors to distract anxious kids.

Stethoscope Covers

Our fabric covers decorate stethoscopes with cute designs. Covers also keep the chestpiece warm for pediatrics exams. Available in multiple patterns to suit any practice.

Other Useful Accessories

At PediaPals, we provide all the tools healthcare professionals need to care for little ones. Our pediatric medical supplies ensure accurate exams and keep kids comfortable. Our disposable otoscopes tips peer inside kids ears to check for infections.


Visit PediaPals online to shop our full range of pediatric equipment. We provide everything you need in one spot to care for the youngest patients.

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Exam chairs

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Outfit Your Office with Pediatric Medical Furniture

Our kid-sized furniture makes doctor visits less scary:

Colorful Chairs and Pediatric Exam Tables

Kids relax in our fun seats and recliner chairs as they chat with the doctor. Upbeat decor helps them feel at ease. Now the doctor can examine kids at the perfect level!

Our adjustable pediatric exam tables are sized just for little patients. Tables feature padded surfaces and distracting decorations to put children at ease. Wide surface, storage drawers, and foot extension add safety and convenience.

Step Up To Zoo Pals Pediatric Clinic

At Zoo Pals, we make doctor visits fun and wild in all the right ways! Our animal-themed clinic helps kids relax during checkups and procedures. Each exam room features a different cuddly critter like elephants, giraffes, and monkeys. Their smiling faces keep kids calm and distracted while the doctor examines them.

Shop PediaPals for Quality Pediatric Medical Equipment for Sale

With Pedia Pals, healthcare happens in a friendly, engaging environment. Visit our online store today for the best pediatric equipment around! We offer top products to help you care for children. Order Now!

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Add customer reviews and testimonials to showcase your store’s happy customers.

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Add customer reviews and testimonials to showcase your store’s happy customers.

Author name

Los Angeles, CA