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Dialysis Chair


Dialysis Recliner Chair It has a very strong structure and leatherette upholstery. We designed Aura on wheels because of its unique features, so it can be used in different wards for different purposes.

Leg rest will move up to give length extension when it is used in a flat (bed) position. Fixed on Over-bed Table

Sides can be open. The backrest can adjust in multiple positions. Nonflammable, waterproof artificial leather upholstery Coated Wooden Legs with Castors, Foldable flat mechanism
Leg Support with Mechanism Armrest with wooden top.

Medical Dialysis Recliner Chair Adjustable IV Pole and side table help when it is used as a dialysis or walk-in, daily treatment patients.


Dimensions: 95 cm X 117 cm X 113 cm H

Structure: Metal mechanism

Upholstery: nonflammable, waterproof artificial leather upholstery

6-8 weeks