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ENT Medical Exam Chair


Optomic and Ear - Nose - Throat Exam Chairs are often costly due to the specific requirements required for these custom procedures. In general ENT chairs must come standard with multiple motors and swivel options to configure both chair and patient to fit either wall mounted equipment or doctor viewing needs. Typical sit time is not as impactful as say a dialysis or renal surgery operation, but is also not as quick as a standard check-up. Therefore, the cushion must be comfortable and plush seating is often a desirable feature. Additionally, side membrane controls are necessary for easy physician access. When purchasing an ENT chair these are key features to consider.

 Optional additional features that are becoming more and more necessary are weight based considerations. As most ENT chairs used to fit in the 300-400lb category we are seeing demand for up to 700lb ENT exam chairs. Although not necessary for every visit, it is difficult to have additional dedicated rooms with low use rates. This further increases the value-add of high capacity ENT chairs.

 The 6ENT42 ENT Chair has the highest standard weight capacity UL tested at 700lbs. Additonally, the 6ENT42 has barrier free low-entry height of 19” with dual-membrane mounted controls on the backrest for physician easy access. The ENT chair also comes standard with an emergency CPR lever for lowering the patient in cases of emergency. This lever also allows for immediate manual positioning of the backrest. Another standard feature is the 180-degree rotation and positioning wheels. This enables quick and easy positioning of the ENT chair in any room or environment. The 6ENT42 ENT chair also comes with a backrest mounting plate for the often requested chair mounted examination light.

*Height(flat base):19’’ –40’’ (48,25 cm –100cm)
*(Positioning Wheels): 22,4’’ –42,’’ (57 cm –107 cm
*Width:30’’ (76 cm)
*Length:74,5’’ (189,50 cm)
*Back Section:21,6’’ (55cm)wide x 31,4’’ (80 cm) long
*Seat Section :24’’(61 cm)wide x 17’’ (43 cm) long
*Foot Section :19,6’’ (50cm)wide x 13,4’’(34cm) long
*Armrests Weight Capacity:90 lbs (41 kg)
*Back Section Tilt:0-90
*Foot Section Tilt:0-90
*Reverse Trendelenburg:N/A
*Weight of Chair:195 lbs (89 kg)
*Safe Load (Max):700 lbs (317,50 kg)
*Electrical Requirements:110-230 VAC nominal,50-60HZ 5,8 amps max
6-8 weeks