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Bariatric Hospital Bed


You deserve to be in the best health you can be. You deserve to live your life. But, sometimes people we love weigh too much. The Bariatric hospital bed was designed with you, who need extra care, in mind. Rest easy knowing that you can get the care you need at home, with our revolutionary new product.

  • Back and Leg Height movements can be made by motor mechanism.
  • Patient control panel
  • Mechanical CPR
  • Bed allows fowler vasculer positions
  • Possibility to adjust the knee movements with its stepped system, foot side and head side panel made of chipboard, aluminum compact and side railing made of laminate products
  • 360 degree rotating central lock wheel
  • Accessory slot
  • Urinary bladder strap
  • Metal lying surface
  • 32 density mattress
6-8 weeks