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This allows for pediatricians and nurses to assess children and consult with their parents during an exam more easily and accurately.

Pediatricians, healthcare providers, and parents alike have found that our ZooPals pediatric ex...

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This allows for pediatricians and nurses to assess children and consult with their parents during an exam more easily and accurately.

Pediatricians, healthcare providers, and parents alike have found that our ZooPals pediatric exam table is much more than a piece of equipment. It can make all the difference during an exam.

Our customers have de-scribed our examination tables as engaging to the imag-ination and say that they add great comfort, familiarity, and fun to an office visit. ZooPals exam tables are a great investment for your pediatric office or healthcare clinic(s). At Pedia Pals, we want children to look forward to visiting the doctor’s office.

Exam Tables for Space-Saving & Mobility 

What is the Difference between a Medical Exam Table and a Hospital Bed?

The difference between a medical exam table and a hospital bed is that the former is used for examinations and the latter for care. The former is usually a metal frame with an attached examination table and an adjustable height. The latter has a mattress that can be adjusted to different heights so that it can accommodate various sizes of patients.

Medical exam tables are typically used in clinics, hospitals, and other medical centers to conduct patient examinations on the same level as the bedside. They are designed with an adjustable height so they can accommodate different sizes of patients.

The patient examination table is a product that can be used in the doctor's rooms of hospitals, polyclinics, health centers, and institutions. It is used to ensure that the patient is in the appropriate position during the examination, examination, and control stages of the doctors or healthcare team. During the treatment, the patient examination table is preferred so that the patient can lie down completely or be semi-horizontal. It is produced from different materials such as wood, MDF, and metal. It is designed as fabric or specially coated.

It is easy to clean from the drugs and wastes used during the treatment according to the patient's condition. In this way, you can prevent the formation of stains and unpleasant images. The examination table is designed so that it can be moved easily thanks to its foldable legs. The drawer and paper towel placed on the table offer practical use while doing the treatment. Adjustable head parts can be lowered and raised according to the patient's condition.

These products, which have a very wide usage area, enable patients to be examined in detail and well. It is prepared in accordance with the dimensions of the examination table that the patient can easily examine. For example, shorter and lower for children; Longer and higher tables are manufactured for adults.

At the same time, it allows the patient to be treated without being harmed in cases such as accidents. In this context, if you are wondering what the examination table is for, it ensures that the health team performs its work with maximum efficiency and that the patient is examined under the best conditions. In general, these products are used for short-term treatments and patient beds are used for long-term hospitalizations.

Different Types of Exam Tables for Space-Saving & Mobility

In the past, exam tables were large and bulky. Nowadays, they are becoming smaller and more mobile. There are different types of exam tables that can be used depending on the space available in the hospital or clinic.

Exam table space saver: A small-sized table with good mobility and a low height. It is useful for narrow hallways or rooms with low ceilings.

Exam table hospital bed comparison: A hospital bed that is also an exam table that has a higher height and can accommodate patients up to 250 lbs in weight. It has a heavy base to provide stability while being moved around without any difficulty.

The examination table is designed for the comfort and use of the patients. There are different models according to the material and features of the table. The wooden examination table, which is among them, can be adjusted as necessary during the treatment of the patient with its folding head section. It is useful with examination beds consisting of two or one pieces. Beds with movable heads have replaceable zippered surfaces. In case of need, you can easily take it out and wash it and provide hygiene. In the hospital environment, washable surfaces are preferred because they are advantageous and practical. Laminate veneer examination table models with large drawers can be used easily in large rooms. Tables made of the metal body are suitable alternatives for places such as sports clubs and schools.

Examination tables provide convenience when treating patients and healthcare team personnel. Tables for adults and children will have different sizes. Among the patient examination table features, we can list the following:

Examination tables made of other materials are solid and durable.

With the foldable head section, you can use it following the patient.

Examination tables are compatible products with unique patient examination beds.

It is preferred in veterinary clinics, outpatient clinics, and wherever patient treatment is performed.

Examination tables are used in surgeries, gynecological examinations, and pediatricians.

There are models made of light and portable materials.

Patient examination beds and examination tables are the most frequently used health products during treatment in many different institutions. Examination table prices vary according to their features. For information and other requests, you can fill out and send the form on the online shopping page. Based on your request, the work will be done and you will be returned immediately.

Examination table prices are determined according to the material of the product, its unique design, and electrical examination table models. You can choose wooden, laminate or metal-based examination tables according to the place you will use them. Models with different colors and features, together with their beds, offer the space required for treatment and operation. Models with drawer and paper towel sections provide advantages in terms of hygiene. Examination tables, where both pets and people are treated, have different models with their sizes and usage patterns. It is used everywhere, from workplaces to training centers, for treatment.

Why Do You Need a Medical Exam Table in Your Pediatric Clinic?

The adjustable height medical exam table is a necessity in any pediatric clinic. It provides patients with the comfort they need and allows doctors to perform examinations in the most appropriate way. A height-adjustable table is an invaluable tool in any doctor's arsenal. Its sturdy construction makes it easy to lift, carry, and set up on the examination table or floor. Medical professionals can also use it to provide several different heights of support, so patients feel comfortable sitting or lying down during examinations.

The best height adjustable tables provide you with more than just a comfortable height for your patients. They also provide you with an increased level of safety and are able to support up to 400 pounds.

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