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When it comes to providing medical care for infants, children and teens, having the right exam table makes all the difference.

Here at Pedia Pals, we offer a wide selection of Pediatric Exam Tables designed specifically with the needs of younger patients in mind. Not only this, Pedia Pals offer decal kits to transform existing doctors' offices into child-friendly themes. These themes aim at fostering positive environments where children thrive.

The purpose of our pediatric exam tables is to make children feel comfortable and relaxed through an environment specially designed for their interests. It lets doctors and nurses conduct examinations efficiently. 

We offer adjustable exam tables with multiple configurations to accommodate patients from newborns through teens.

Infant Exam Tables 

For examining newborns and infants up to 12 months, we provide dedicated infant exam tables. These features digital infant scale for easy weight measurement. Tables can be adjusted to sit at the perfect height for parent and physician comfort during well-baby checks. 

Pediatric Exam Tables

Older babies, toddlers and young children have needs that differ from infants. So we provide pediatric medical exam tables with different weight capacity and dimensions tailored specifically for this age group.

These tables allow the child to sit up, or lay back as needed for different aspects of the exam. Strategically designed tables help young patients feel safe and less anxious.