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Professional Medical Stretcher Models 

Built to last, the medical stretcher frame was designed to be ergonomic and easy to maneuver. The lightweight construction makes it easier to respond quickly in emergency situatio...

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Professional Medical Stretcher Models 

Built to last, the medical stretcher frame was designed to be ergonomic and easy to maneuver. The lightweight construction makes it easier to respond quickly in emergency situations. The medical stretcher's heavy-duty marine-grade aluminum frame has a weight high capacity . The stretcher also features a unique multi-directional rolling system that allows it to lock into any position.

How Stretchers Work and Why They are Important to Emergency Medical Care

What is a Stretcher? How Do They Work?

A medical stretcher is an item of equipment used in emergency medical care. It is a mobile, flat surface that Medical professionals can use to transport patients. A stretcher can also be used as a temporary bed for patients unable to walk or sit.

Stretchers are essential in emergency medical care because they allow paramedics to move patients safely and quickly. They also provide security and comfort for the patient and their family during transport.

The stretchers used by emergency medical personnel are made of various materials and are used in many ways. For example, some stretcher models can be folded into a small package and then carried with the paramedics or on the patient's back, allowing for more mobility.

It is a material used to transport patients or people in need. There are different types and structures of stretchers. The ones used in ambulances are called sled stretchers because they are sleds. It is named according to the place it is used and its structure. There is a fastening device on the stretchers to prevent the person being carried from falling. They are produced from material that can be carried by two people and has a weight. folding stretchers; They are the type of stretchers preferred in health centers, factories or private clinics. It has practical use. It is made of durable and sturdy material. Quadruple foldable aluminum stretcher; The biggest advantage of this stretcher type is the ease of use. It is used by teams engaged in search and rescue activities for particular purposes. It is produced from light alloy material. A seat belt is used to restrain the patient. Vacuum stretcher; It wraps the patient safely like a shell after the accident and ensures that no harm is caused. For use, it is sufficient to open it and place it inside the patient.

The answer to the question of what a stretcher is is that it is the equipment that allows damaged people to be transported easily in an emergency. It is used to prevent the patient from getting more injured and experiencing concussions. Persons carrying the stretcher must be careful and attentive. It allows the material and fabric of the stretcher to be carried easily. Traumatized people mustn't move too much. In addition, it is beneficial to choose the stretcher under the patient's condition and conditions. Considering the safety of the injured, it is ensured that he is protected with a seat belt. It is important to act carefully and appropriately while walking on a stretcher.

What is the Difference Between a Rescue Stretcher and a First Aid Stretcher?

A rescue stretcher is used to carry a person who is unconscious or has a broken leg while the first aid stretcher is used to carry someone who is conscious and has a minor injury.

First aid splint: This device can be made of wood, metal, or plastic and it can be easily folded into a small size. It has two parts - one that goes around the injured limb and another that goes around the body.

Rescue splint: This device can also be made of wood, metal, or plastic and it too can be easily folded into a small size. It too has two parts - one that goes around the injured limb and another that goes around the body.

How Does a First Aid Stretcher Differ from an Emergency Medical Stretcher?

First aid stretchers are usually used for short-term use, whereas an emergency medical stretcher is used for long-term use.

A first aid stretcher is typically a lightweight piece of equipment with a quick-release mechanism that can be deployed quickly by one person. These are typically made of aluminum or plastic and are designed to provide basic support and immobilization to patients in the field. They have a limited range of motion and cannot be extended over the head of the patient.

An emergency medical stretcher has a much larger range of motion and can extend up to 4 feet above the head of the patient. These are usually made from aluminum or steel, but they can also be made from other materials like fiberglass or plastic if needed. In addition, they have a wide variety of features including padded surfaces, handles, wheels, etc., which make them more useful in providing long-term care to patients who require more assistance while being transported.

Stretchers are used in beauty salons, lasers, epilation, waxing beauty centers, hairdressers, and some work areas. Stretchers, which facilitate every process, are also developing day by day thanks to technology. There are many stretcher models on the market, equipped with manual, semi-automatic, or automatic options, with or without the remote control.

Many stretchers are produced in different shapes according to the usage area and purpose. Regarding stretcher models, the first thing that comes to mind is the general purpose stretchers. General purpose stretchers are fixed stretchers, unlike foldable and easily portable stretchers. Stretchers come in different sizes and designs according to their use. Sliding wheeled stretchers, which provide ease of transport, especially in the ambulance, are another stretcher model. The foldable legs of these stretchers offer ease of transport without shaking the patient or the injured. Among the stretcher models, there is a field stretcher. Some stretcher models can be folded in half. There are fastening belts on the side. Field stretchers are used for special purpose rescue. Being foldable makes it easy to carry.

How Does an EMT Use a Medial Scretcher for Treatment or Protection?

An EMT uses a medical stretcher board or bench for treatment or protection. It is a tool that helps in the prevention of muscle contractures and deformities, as well as the reduction of pain.

EMS providers use stretching boards to help with patient assessment, treatment, and transport. They are used for patients who cannot move their extremities, such as cardiac arrest and stroke victims. Other medical professionals also use them to help with various treatments and procedures.

Medical stretchers are used for various purposes, but the most common use is to prevent the muscles from contracting during an injury or physical therapy session. Practitioners can also use them to administer muscle stretches when someone cannot move their extremities.

The most common uses for stretching boards are:

- To prevent muscle contracture during an injury

- For patient assessment, treatment and transport

- For patients who may be unable to move their extremities

Types of Medical Stretchers

Another stretcher used in stretcher models is the dustpan stretcher. It can also be called a spoon stretcher. These stretchers are used to carry patients with severe injuries, fractures, and spinal cord injuries without moving them. Dustpan or spoon stretchers can be adjusted according to the height of the patient with their telescopic feature. Since it is made of aluminum material, it is light and provides ease of transport.

Vacuum stretchers are another example of stretcher models. Vacuum stretchers are stretchers that ensure the safe transfer of the injured. These stretchers, which are in a soft state, turn into a hard state when vacuumed and grip the body of the injured person. It is light in terms of the material used. It is resistant to friction and tearing. Next to the stretcher, there is a hand-inflated vacuum pump and straps and handles to facilitate carrying when the patient is present. You can reach our company to find the stretchers you are looking for and get more detailed information about our products.

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