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Bariatric Hospital Bed;
 • Bed has the ability to measure patient burden.

• Foot area, back area, height and trendelenburg movements are activated by Motor Assistance.

• Hand Control feature that the patient can easily control.

• Control panel that nurses and other staff can easily use

• Ability to lock back and foot motors easily from the nurse control panel

• Mechanical CPR (Metal rostrum Back area flat to Surface area in Emergencies)

• Side rails and removable bedside foot side panels, which are registered by our company, reinforced against stretch, produced from feather type polypropylene equipment.

• Electronic CPR feature

• The hospital bedstead Fowler Vasculer can apply their position in detail.

• It has the ability to adjust the knee movements with the gradual mechanism.

• It has side rails made of Aluminum and Compact Laminate products and removable bedside foot side panel systems

• 360 ° rotation capability and central lock wheels (125 mm)

• Plastic Protective Crash Bumpers reduce the severity of impact at the time of impact.

• There is a Urine Bag Hanger.

• Belt Hook material is available.

• Patient Bedstead Accessory housing features are available.

• There are IV suspension features that can be adjusted to the desired direction and height.

• It is colored with electrostatic powder paint.

• Patient bedstead has X-Ray feature.

• It has 32 density mattress feature.

6-8 weeks