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Pedia Pals benjamin Bear Blood Pressure Cuffs

Pedia Pals’ blood pressure kits comfort patients by giving the children a “BEAR HUG” while taking vital signs. Benjamin Bear and his two big paws simply wrap around the cuff for every child to appreciate.

The bulb, also Benjamin Bear shaped, offers reassurance for children who are nervous in the exam room. The cuffs are available in two convenient sizes.

Children and adults alike can take their health to the next level with Pedia Pals’ Blood Pressure Cuffs. Designed by a pediatrician, these kits provide comfort while taking vital signs. Benjamin Bear is a great companion to all of your patients, as he wraps around the cuff and comforts them.


They don’t even know they’re getting a health check up! Our Pedia Pals blood pressure cuffs comforts children with a “BEAR HUG” while taking their vital signs. Benjamin Bear and his two big paws just wrap around the cuff, for every child to appreciate.