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Hospital Recliner Chairs

The hospital recliner chair is a mobility device that features a comfortable glide mechanism. It has a very strong...

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Hospital Recliner Chairs

The hospital recliner chair is a mobility device that features a comfortable glide mechanism. It has a very strong structure and leatherette upholstery. We designed Aura on wheels because of its unique features, so it can be used in different wards for different purposes. The leg rest will move up to give length extension. It's the perfect recliner for the elderly, or people with injuries or disabilities.

The Ultimate Guide to Hospital Recliner Chairs

How they Work, the Benefits They Possess, and the Different Types

What is a hospital recliner chair?

A hospital recliner chair is a chair that is designed for comfort and therapy. It has a reclining feature with armrests and leg rests, which makes it perfect for long-term use.

The first hospital recliner chairs were developed in the early 1900s by a Swedish company called KAIS. The company started manufacturing these chairs in 1910. The purpose of these chairs was to make it easier for patients to rest during their recovery from surgery or other medical procedures.

Hospital Recliner Chairs are often used as part of physical therapy sessions. They are also trendy in hospitals because they allow nurses, doctors, and other medical staff to work on patients while resting comfortably on a chair. They also work as “companion chairs” because they give the patient’s helper a comfortable place. 

The hospital recliner chair is a product suitable for use in all kinds of living spaces. If you need to customize these fields, It is also ideal for use in places such as hotels, health centers, hospitals, clinics, physical therapy centers, beauty centers, hostels, and homes. The biggest reason it is preferred in these areas is its design and comfort, which does not take up much space. The hospital recliner chair has the appearance of a wing chair or a single seat before being transformed into a bed. When opened, it takes the shape of a bed. Having a more tidy appearance and functional design makes it highly preferred. In addition, you can save space thanks to their space-saving, collapsible and stylish designs.

Especially in hostels or hotels, the hospital recliner chair can be ideal for children to sleep in the room. If the child does not sleep in the hotel or pension without their parents and there is not enough space in the bed, then the bed can be prepared for the child by turning the hospital recliner chair into a bed. It serves the same function not only in hotels and hostels but also in homes. You can even lie down 180 degrees comfortably by opening the hospital recliner chair you will buy for your office or workplace. You may not find the waiting chair orthopedic for resting during breaks in offices. By purchasing a hospital recliner chair, you get both a waiting seat and a resting area for yourself. Wherever you want to relieve your tiredness, the hospital recliner chair will help you. Being more comfortable than the waiting seat and the depth of the seating area that is not found in the waiting seat is found in the hospital recliner chair. It is possible to use it wherever you want to use it. In addition, it will harmonize with decorations with its soft, plain or dynamic color options that fit all kinds of environments.

It is highly functional especially in hospitals, clinics and health centers. One of the factors that show the vision of a hospital, whether it is a private hospital or a public hospital, is the treatment of patient relatives. Considering that people who have had surgery or have various health problems stay in the hospital for days, it will be necessary to have relatives of the patients accompanying them. The hospital recliner chair is designed for people who visit or have to stay with their patients. It has been produced with comfort features in mind so that the patient's relatives are not sleepless and bad at night while they are with the patient and their needs during the day. In order to provide bed comfort, a higher quality sponge is used in products such as chairs, waiting chairs or working chairs. The same applies to the seat upholstery and other parts. It is also ideal for families with children who come to your home.

It has to be more comfortable in the hospital recliner chair, waiting seat and other seating elements. Because the hospital recliner chair is used not only for sitting but also for lying down. If it was used for sitting purposes only, then instead of producing a hospital recliner chair with a different function, a waiting chair would work. However, the orthopedic features of the waiting chair are several levels lower when compared to the hospital recliner chair. Because during the design and production phase of the hospital recliner chair, arrangements were made for sleeping and this factor was taken into consideration. It has been designed in a way that it is possible to sleep more comfortably in the lying position rather than the sitting position.

How Hospital Recliner Chairs Help Improve Comfort

Hospital recliner chairs have been proven beneficial in improving patients' quality of life. They help reduce physical pain and fatigue, provide a more relaxing experience, and decrease the risk of developing pressure ulcers.

Hospital recliners also benefit caregivers because they allow them to rest and sleep better during shifts. It also helps prevent falls among hospital staff.

The benefits of hospital recliner chairs can vary depending on their specific needs. In some cases, the chairs are used to help improve patient care, while in other cases, it is used as a tool for comfort.

Sleeping in the hospital or other environments is not as easy as it seems. A nurse or doctor may come to the room several times during the night, especially if there is an attendant in the hospital. It may be an extreme situation, or the patient may have needs in the middle of the night. If a person who works during the day or takes care of his patient cannot sleep at night, his health will be adversely affected. The fact that the patient stays in the hospital for days or weeks and needs care makes this process even more difficult. The hospital recliner chair is specially produced for people who do not sleep or cannot sleep during the day, so that they can sleep more comfortably and have a good night's sleep. It is precisely in this respect that it differs from other seating elements. It helps the companion both to protect their own health and to take care of the patient. Therefore, the hospital recliner chair must have some features.

It should have a comfortable and orthopedic sponge structure.

     It should have an ergonomic design that does not take up space

      Must have style

     It should have a system that can be opened and closed easily

     There should be a shock absorber system resistant to continuous opening and closing.

     Anti-bacterial and durable seat upholstery should be used.

These features are the sine qua non of the hospital recliner chair. Therefore, it is necessary to choose the right brands. The office hospital recliner chair promises more than 6 features. Its high density and orthopedic comfort foam help to sleep comfortably at night. As soon as a result, both you go to bed, you feel like you are in your own bed. Even in a hospital environment, you don't have to compromise on your sleep.

Its ergonomic design, which does not take up space, provides functionality in small hospital rooms. In places where more than one patient stays in a room, the hospital recliner chair should not occupy space. For this, it should come out with more ergonomic and minimalist designs. Each of the office hospital recliner chair models has been produced to be used even in narrower spaces. Thanks to its design, there can be more than one hospital recliner chair in a room.

Especially in rehabilitation centers or health institutions that provide health services, a piece of stylish furniture also shows the importance you give to your patients. The furniture design for people who want to get their money's worth reveals the care you show. It also takes the room away from the gloom of the hospital environment. Both the patient has a comfortable sleep and the patient's relative is comfortable.

The hospital recliner chair should be easy to open and close. It should not make too much noise during opening and closing. Thus, if the patient is immersed or resting for a short time, his sleep is not interrupted. Transforming into a bed with a single hand movement also adds value to its design

Hospital rooms are often full. In fact, there are dozens of people waiting for hospitalization. Therefore, the hospital recliner chair is used a lot. The seat system, which is constantly opened and closed, may break down after a while. However, a system made of quality and correct materials does not break easily. The seat mechanism can easily last for a long time. If the shock absorbers used in the hospital recliner chair are of high quality, the opening and closing movement will not be affected much. In this way, the system does not wear out in a short time. You can choose hospital recliner chair models of Pedia Pals brand, which uses European Standard shock absorbers in more than 80% of its products. Opening and closing many times during the day does not damage the shock absorber system. In addition, it provides warranty support against manufacturing defects or material defects for 2 years. Thus, you will not have to pay extra money in case of hospital recliner chair failures in your businesses or institutions for two years. It is a very important point when considered. You can solve your problems without increasing your business or institutional expenses. Pedia Pals thinks for you and eliminates existing problems.

One of the most important issues in the hospital recliner chair is the seat upholstery. Every day, dozens of people may have to use the hospital recliner chair. Especially when it is forbidden to stay in the hospital, the relatives of the patients come to visit during the meeting time. A patient visits at least 3 or 4 visitors a day. Outsiders to visit are likely to bring germs, viruses and bacteria. This is a negative situation for both the health center or hospital and the patient. If the hospital recliner chair has antibacterial properties, the health of the patient will not be put at risk. Anti-bacterial and wipeable seat upholstery provides convenience in cleaning and hygiene of the furniture. Thus, the seat upholstery is prevented from being a bacteria nest. With the help of a wet cloth, the person cleaning the hospital or the accompanying person will clean the sleeping area in the evening and the companion can sleep comfortably. Anti-bacterial flooring is important for the health of both the patient and the patient's relative.

What are the Office hospital recliner chair models and colors?

Pedia Pals has a large number of hospital recliner chair designs in different colors and in the same size. The most sold and preferred models of these; are the Office hospital recliner chair with Leg Extension, Office hospital recliner chair, and Tv Chair, and the Office Softing hospital recliner chair will do the job.

Office hospital recliner chair; It has cream and coffee combination color, only gray color, brown and green color, pink color, gray-black color. Pedia Pals Softing hospital recliner chair has green, blue, red, pink, and gray-black colors. It is also likely that you will encounter more color diversity over time.

What are the Dimensions of the hospital recliner chair?

Like every seating element, certain dimensions are taken as a basis when designing the hospital recliner chair. In Turkish standards, data such as height, weight and body measurements of men and women are collected. These data are applied to the model to be drawn by the designers during the design phase. The same applies to hospital recliner chair dimensions. After the data is collected, Pedia Pals brand produces standard hospital recliner chair. Although the minimalist detail stands out, the person who will sleep in the hospital recliner chair must fit in this seat.

Although there are models designed in different lengths and widths, the general Office hospital recliner chair dimensions are standard. What is meant by the standard is a certain measure for men and women. There is no such thing as this model for a female companion, but this model for men.

The leg extension model of the Office hospital recliner chair has a width of 84 cm, a length of 78 cm and a depth of 75 cm. When opened, the width of the bed is 182 cm, the height of the sitting area is 45 cm, the depth of the sitting area is 68 cm and the width of the sitting area is 57 cm. Office hospital recliner chair models, which have a wide variety of colors, are also used as TV seats. The dimensions of the models produced as TV seats are the same. The standard dimensions of the Pedia Pals brand are as written above. There are no larger or smaller models other than this width, height and depth.

The best selling hospital recliner chair depends on its affordability and quality. The perception that expensive is always good is wrong. Likewise, the perception that cheap products are bad is also wrong. There is the Officeel brand that will help you break down these perceptions. There are many hospital recliner chair model options available at low, high and average prices. This is one of the reasons why Pedia Pals hospital recliner chair is among the 2022 best-selling hospital recliner chair models. You can take a look at the products of the Pedia Pals brand to get the quality product appropriately.

When you buy it, you will understand in time why it is among the best sellers. Its very comfortable and durable sponge structure and anti-bacterial upholstery protect your health. Thanks to its and quality structure, it is suitable for long-term use. In addition, it is useful to take a look at the products of the Pedia Pals brand for stylish models and more. But if you ask what are the 2022 best selling hospital recliner chairs; Office hospital recliner chair with Leg Extension, Office hospital recliner chair and Tv Chair, Pedia Pals Softing hospital recliner chair.

A single piece of sponge is used in the office hospital recliner chair. Stainless steel shock absorbers form integrity with their high-density sponge structure. Thus, it both facilitates use and adds comfort to the hospital recliner chair. One-piece cast sponge is resistant to collapse and abrasion in a short time. In addition, the seat upholstery and fabric prevent the sponge from deforming in a short time. The hospital recliner chair upholstery, which acts as a bridge between the sponge and the outside environment, makes the product more durable. Therefore, it becomes an ideal product suitable for use outdoors and in any living space. If what is meant by the mechanism is the entire product, the product does not deform in a short time. However, if the hospital recliner chair shock absorbers are in question, then an explanation is required.

A system was used to turn the hospital recliner chair into a bed. Under the seat is a piece of upholstery you can grab and pull. When this piece of upholstery is pulled, the seat suddenly becomes a bed. The shock absorbers and stainless rail system transform the seat into a bed position. Shock absorbers and rail system form integrity within themselves. The headrest in the upright position reclines, while the footrest is aligned at the same height as the seat. If this mechanism is constantly opened and closed, it may break after a while. Apart from that, if this mechanism is not made of non-corrosive durable materials, oxidation and deformations begin after a while. After a certain period of time, the system will not work. The hospital recliner chair either remains fully open as a bed or is used as a seat that does not open at all. If you want to buy a product made of solid shock absorber and system that does not deteriorate in a short time, you can look at the Officeel brand. There is also a 2-year warranty against parts and manufacturing defects.

If the hospital recliner chair you bought breaks down in a short time, Pedia Pals will take care of your parts-related or manufacturing-related problems. Pedia Pals offers this service that many brands do not offer. Places where hospital recliner chairs are purchased generally buy a large number of products. If you want a quality product that does not give you a headache, and whose mechanism does not break easily, you can buy Officel hospital recliner chair models.

Which are the best hospital recliner chair Models?

The perception of cheapness is relative. What is cheap for some is more expensive than others. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to its features when comparing the price of the hospital recliner chair. When buying the cheapest hospital recliner chair, do not buy an uncomfortable seat without features. Because you can't find a worse seating element than an uncomfortable hospital recliner chair. The hospital recliner chair is a product designed to make people who are mentally and physically worn out comfortable. People who are sick stay with their loved ones in order to take care of them. When they cannot sleep until morning, taking care of their parents during the daytime is difficult. Therefore, buying a comfortable orthopedic hospital recliner chair is beneficial, especially in health centers.

The products of Pedia Pals brand, which produces comfortable hospital recliner chairs with advanced orthopedic features, are very affordable. While revealing the brand, the company acted with the best price guarantee and customer satisfaction from the manufacturer. Therefore, it produces many hospital recliner chairs in this direction.

Among the cheapest hospital recliner chair models produced by the Pedia Pals brand; There are Office hospital recliner chairs with Leg Extension, Office hospital recliner chairs and TV Chairs, and Office Softing hospital recliner chairs. These models are both high quality and affordable compared to many brands and products on the market. In addition, you can take a look at Pedia to access the cheapest hospital recliner chair models. You can buy what you want from products in different colors and models.


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