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Consider your medical equipment needs for the future! You can't just put anything on your body, which is why you need to get one of our home care beds. Our tailored design will provide you with a comfortable an...

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Consider your medical equipment needs for the future! You can't just put anything on your body, which is why you need to get one of our home care beds. Our tailored design will provide you with a comfortable and reliable experience whenever you need it. We have everything from back and leg height movements to foot and head side panels. 

The first ever care bed designed to meet the needs of all special needs, this bed has a motor mechanism to move the back and legs up and down. The patient control panel allows you to set or restrict the bed's movements. The mechanical CPR helps with chest compressions, and it balances weight distribution when changing locations. 

This is a revolutionary home-care bed that allows you to use the touchscreen for control, or operate it with a remote. You can also adjust the height and angle of this bed with the hydraulic mechanism. This bed also has cardiac care functions, including mechanical CPR and automatic defibrillation. All of these features make this bed perfect for anyone recovering from a surgery.

Ultimate Guide of Functions of Home Care Bed

Home care beds are extremely important in caring for bedridden or inpatient patients. They are functional medical products that provide convenience and comfort to the patient and those who care for the patient during the treatment. It is also known as a hospital bed among people, and there are varieties according to the number of engines and their features.

Inpatient, elderly and disabled care is a job that requires utmost care and effort. In this process, caring for the inpatient without being battered is essential. The caregivers or nurses should be able to carry out care processes without difficulty and fatigue. This is where home care beds come into play. The home care bed, which has technological features that provide convenience in all respects, is the type of bed used in nursing homes and homes, especially in hospitals and health centers.

The home care bed, which is much more functional and comfortable for the patient than regular beds, is quite simple and practical. There are patient bed models with guardrails to ensure the patient's safety and prevent it from tipping over. Patient bed models are produced with all the necessary details in order to avoid injuries or similar problems for patients who stay in bed for a long time. Thanks to durability and comfort, the patient bed types, which have the necessary features for the patient to perform some movements much more comfortably, allow a much simpler process flow. The patient beds, produced at a height that patients can easily reach, provide a high level of comfort with the support used. Patient beds are very important for patients who stay in the hospital for a long time and speed up the healing process. They are specially designed and offered for various diseases. Patient bed products are produced as both electric and non-electric beds. Non-electric beds are also known as manual hospital bed models. Non-motorized manual hospital beds can be divided into four different categories. The fixed bed is a single-adjustment, two-adjustment, and three-adjustment bed model. In addition, very useful electric hospital bed models are listed in different categories. These are two, three, and four motors patient bed models. All these beds are equipped with a control device. Electric beds with practical controls make it easy for people to use. Non-motorized patient beds are also called manual beds because they are manually adjustable beds. These beds are a little more challenging to use than electric beds. This is because it requires some strength. Manual hospital beds are not electrically connected. It is one, two, and three adjustable beds, and these settings can give the patient different mobility. The adjustable hospital bed simply moves the patient's back. The double adjustable hospital bed is a cradle that provides movement to both the back and feet of the patient. It is three-way adjustable, allowing you to move your back and legs up and down. They are bed models that are a little more difficult to operate than the electric model. Patient bed models, appropriate construction, and meticulous design help to eliminate many problems that may arise during the course of the disease. Models that can move independently and prevent skin and health problems of patients lying in bed for a long time are carefully produced by various medical brands. Medical patient beds offer significant benefits to patients of all performance levels and have optimal pricing features. The bedridden patient bed model, created within the scope of patient care for bedridden patients, primarily works with electricity and eliminates the risk of additional patient health problems caused by various movements. The air patient bed option stands out among the most suitable models for bedridden patient beds. A model that moves the patient's body regularly, thanks to the internal airflow, helps the blood circulation to work correctly. Products that allow the patient to roll over in bed increase patient comfort by preventing various skin problems. Motorized hospital bed models are economical due to their low energy consumption and can be used as a socket for 24 hours. The inflatable hospital bed model is specially produced for patients who need to be fixed temporarily or permanently due to various health problems. The bed, filled with air, has a very comfortable and soft structure and a shape suitable for the patient's body. From this point of view, a delightful bed option for the patient will prevent the patient from feeling uncomfortable or restless during hospitalization. Potty bed models help patients eliminate the need to stand up to go to the toilet and facilitate treatment. Hospital beds made according to the standards published by the World Health Organization contribute to the patient's treatment process. In addition, it enables the care of patients. Its innovative design makes this product easy to control. Thanks to the electrical control, you can make the changes you want. However, for this, you need to know the meaning of the pictures on the remote control, which is part of the remote control patient bed model. You can prevent incorrect movements by reading the user manual. The centimeter feature is related to the height of the bed. There is a simple railing mark to adjust the side rails. You can use this sign to open and close the guardrail. The lock symbol on the product or its controls prevents accidental tampering. In this way, you can take precautions against unintentional movements.

Different Home Care Bed Functions

The needs of a patient with a broken part of the body are not the same as the needs of a paralyzed or bedridden patient. Therefore, the characteristics of the hospital bed used are not the same. You should pay attention to some factors before choosing a hospital bed. First, you must decide whether to keep the bed standing or to move it. In addition, fixed and wheeled options make the caregiver's job easier. Another feature of the patient bed is that the floor height and bed inclination can be adjusted. These beds can be lowered or raised according to the patient's condition. In addition, the head position can be adjusted arbitrarily. In this respect, the folding hospital bed model is also suitable. Changing the head and foot sections simultaneously is essential for patient and companion comfort. Some functional beds consist of several parts, and each piece is height adjustable. Sometimes the patient is heard falling out of bed. One of the most important features is the presence of railings on both sides to prevent the bed from falling. Pressure sores occur in patients hospitalized for a long time. Patient beds try to minimize this problem with the materials they use. In addition, the storage area is designed to breathe. Therefore, patient comfort is better provided. The serum transfer section at the corner of the bed facilitates serum treatment. The electric bed allows you to use the battery to move the bed to your desired position in the event of a power outage. Hospital beds have orthopedic features that adapt to the patient's body and minimize neck, back, and hip pain while lying down. It improves the quality of stay in patients who lie in bed for a long time. An orthopedic hospital bed has many functions. Hospital beds are basically divided into three categories. The characteristics of patient beds in each category are different from each other. Common features can be defined as height adjustment, waist-up height adjustment, waist-down height adjustment, and mattress tilt adjustment. Multifunctional beds are needed for patients who need a height above the waist for treatment. Relevant treatment steps can be initiated by adjusting the size and inclination of the patient's bed.

The treatment process is a difficult period for the family. One of the main goals is to protect the health and well-being of the person being treated. You need to pay attention to where people who have to sleep for a long time spend their time. The security of sleeping areas is a comforting point for users. Air mattresses are products specially developed for the care of those undergoing treatment. This product helps the person treated to be in the desired position and eliminates the risk of falling and hitting. It is sold in various models for use in hospitals and homes. In addition to being easy to use, the patient airbed also stands out with its innovative structure. This product is recommended for people who are bedridden or bedridden for a long time. It prevents the formation of wounds and is suitable for pain. It also allows a person to move freely. In addition, the double patient bed offers ease of use in many respects.

How to Choose the Best Home Care Bed

Specially designed beds for inpatients or inpatients help improve patients' health and comfort during prolonged rest. The patient bed is designed to eliminate any discomfort that may occur in the patient's body while resting in the same position during the treatment process. Hospital beds, which minimize adverse effects such as redness, sweating, numbness, back pain, and stiff neck, shape the human body. In addition, thanks to the additional accessories, it provides maximum comfort to the patient. Musculoskeletal-supported patient beds help to eliminate conditions that may affect the health and psychology of the patient, such as pressure ulcers and muscle stiffness. With today's technology, patient beds are constantly changing, and new models are emerging. For this reason, the patient beds are equipped with the latest technology with four motors. It is recommended that patients lie on four electric patient beds. Patient beds that meet your needs very easily are also quite different from other beds. The most important points to consider when purchasing a hospital bed are. The patient should be comfortable, comfortable, and relaxed while taking the drug. The bed brought to the patient should always give the patient a sense of security and comfort. There are many different types of hospital beds. That's why it's important to find the best bed for your patient. There are important details that should be considered and paid attention to when buying a hospital bed. Suppose the patient is injured due to an accident or any other reason or has trouble sleeping or waking up. In that case, the electric hospital bed will facilitate the work of patients and nurses. Indeed, in very special cases, it may be necessary to provide a unique bed. The most accurate way to choose the appropriate hospital bed for the patient is to calculate the duration of the patient's illness. It also helps identify whether it is a low-floor or standard-height hospital bed. If the patient cannot enter or exit alone, a standard-size bed may be more appropriate. So you need to choose an elevator system and a system that can be adjusted in height and descent. Many hospital beds are standard sizes, but tall or overweight patients should choose a specific hospital bed. It is best to choose an obese hospital bed if the patient is overweight. In addition, it is important that this bed adapts to your home while purchasing it. A new generation bed model with massage, remote control, anatomical, and additional support accessories, higher priced than traditional patient beds. Products with removable or replaceable protective layers and models with liquid-proof fabrics provide more hygienic and practical mattress care. It is also very important to support the bed anatomically, to have an antibacterial structure, offer various support options, to adapt the upper fabric of the bed to the body shape, and provide a high level of comfort to the patient. When choosing a bed, it makes sense to use the model that best suits the patient's specific situation, expectations, and needs. Hospital beds typically consist of items such as bedsteads, mattresses, headboards, side supports, and additional equipment. The bed frame is made of metals such as steel, aluminum, carbon, and iron, making it durable and long lasting. The visible surface is coated with chrome or anti-corrosion paint to prevent corrosion. This makes the mattress more efficient in terms of both aesthetics and hygiene. The bed height can be adjusted using the spring arm system. Therefore, you can easily find home-type patient bed models. In addition to the traditional models, there are also innovative products that can be completely controlled by remote control. The upper body of the patient bed can be adjusted manually. In addition, it can be brought to the desired height with the support of an electric motor. Removing the backrest in daily activities such as visiting the patient, reading a book, or watching TV can help patients meet their needs more easily. Before going to bed, you can straighten the support pieces and put the mattress back in place. Mattresses with a breathable woven surface provide patients with the support they need to prevent problems such as redness and bedsores caused by sweat and heat. It is very important that the skin can breathe continuously, especially in the supine position, and that the sweat formed on the back can be easily carried while the patient is resting for a long time. The highly breathable and massaged model increases your current comfort and allows you to sleep comfortably. The multi-point massage function is especially recommended for patients who cannot move for a long time. Massage to different parts of the body accelerates blood circulation and rejuvenates the muscles. This keeps the patient fit and healthy while resting. It prevents cramps, tremors, and muscle stiffness caused by dehydration and inactivity.

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