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  • Metal structure wall thickness for box profile: 1,2 – 2,00 mm.
  • Pipe is 1,2 – 2,00 mm. After nano technological coating, antibacterial electrostatic powder paint is heated at 180 degrees and the paint thickness is between 40-90 microns.
  • There is manual cpr and single or double arm for linac and dewert motors.
  • It has a bed-lying surface made of sheet metal.
  • Back part automatic sliding range 100 mm. Serum hanger is made of oxidized metal material, wall thickness is 1. 5 mm, female pipe
  • Diameter is 25 mm, inner pipe diameter is 19 mm.
  • It has 4 plastic hooks made of pa6 (polyamide) material.
  • Lower frame profile size 40x60x2 mm / 50x30x2 mm. Upper frame profile size 50x30x2 mm / 20x20x2 mm.
  • Bedstead width 102 cm, length 209 cm, height 37 cm-77 cm back-calf- height – trendelenburg – reverse trendelenburg railing material is made of aluminum.
  • There is a cross brake system and there are 4 wheels, 2 with brakes and 2 without brakes.
  • If using a 125 mm diameter nurse control panel nudesing control box, there is an activation button.
  • Not available if linak or dewert control box is used. The patient control panel is used. Mattress width 86 cm, length 195 cm, height 12 cm
6-8 weeks