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Gynecological Chairs

Gynaecological examination chair stainless steel waste bin can be taken out of bed and discharged during cleaning with 2 telescopic rails.  The bottom part is decorative closed with abs plastic material and two separate plastics.  Upper chassis session side parts are decorative closed with abs plastic material.  The grip / recovery handles and the foot support platform attached to there are equively motion with the motor integrated with the back movement. İn this manner, the possibility of the patient's access in the abrinal area is prevented.


Feature of the foot part : the support of the foot between gynecological examination chairs or delivery, between two legs remaining in the desired angle / distance between the anchoral position of the back platform.   


Foot supports feature : the region where the foot is in contact is made of plastic injection material. The sub platform to which this part is attached and the construction are made of metal material. İt can be used at the desired angle and position with both foot support. Portable, it can be removed and installed independent from each other.               


Strain handle : the holding / recovery handles are provided with metal pipes on the foot support construction. On this pipe, a specific section is closed with artificial leather upholstery.     


Placenta cavity and bucket : have plasenta cavity and bucket / tub. The bathtub can be moved back and forward with the help of the telescopic rail.             


Lying surface material : back and calf platform made of cast foam and artificial leather upholstered with metal construction inside.



  • Designed for gyneacologycal chairs, trendelenburg and height adjustment with electronic motor with help of hand control unit
  • Battery
  • Long lived, easily-cleaned, water resistant and antibacterial special furnishing with poliuretain foam
  • Formed by 2 main parts ( back & seat ).
  • Easily removed legs for examination
  • Examinations leg support
  • 360̊ movable single castors with linear brake and directional lock for linear direction ( 125 mm ) . ( packaging is in cardboard box )

Gynecological examination chair dimensions sheet click to download
gynecological examination chair technical sheet click to download



Specification Designed For Gyneacologycal Bacrest, Trendelenburg And Height Adjustment With Electronic Motor With Help Of Hand Control Unit Battery Long Lived, Easily-Cleaned, Water Resistant And Antibacterial Special Furnishing With Poliuretain Foam Formed By 2 Main Parts ( Back & Seat ). Easily Removed Legs For Examination Examinations Leg Support 360̊ Movable Single Castors With Linear Brake And Directional Lock For Linear Direction ( 125 Mm ) . ( Packaging İs İn Cardboard Box )