About US

Welcome to Pedia Pals! Pedia Pals has been manufacturing children’s medical equipment for kids since 1991. Our purpose and intent is to help families be and stay healthy. If you need to visit the doctor’s office, it should be calming to your child in order for you and the physician to best help resolve the concerns and get your child back to health.

This is why Pedia Pals manufactures pediatric clinic supplies in shapes of animals and tables in the shapes of Zoo animals. Animals both calming and familiar to children and it makes for a great experience in an often unfamiliar and frightening location. Our customized pediatric medical equipment and supplies are tailored for this very purpose.
Although child-friendly, they are sophisticated pediatrician tools and equipment. Our instruments and accessories are used internationally in Children’s Hospitals. Often pediatric hospital equipment morphs into adult standards and specifications. This is why we also carry HNT Medical exam chairs, hospital beds and surgical tables. No matter the need, Pedia Pals is there for you and your family—to get you back to healthy living. "


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