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Badge Holder Clips

The badge has many different functions. It is a simple but effective product. Employees often use it where identities need to be determined for security purposes. Also, those in areas such as fairs, professional events, advertising, and promotional meetings benefit from badge holder clips.

Name badges are specially produced for institutions and employees. They enable them to do their jobs more comfortably. In addition, the name badge will allow the identification of employees working in the event of an organization. Otherwise, there will be confusion.

Name badges are also frequently used in the healthcare field. It is one of the greatest helpers of nurses, doctors and health professionals. Nurse badge reel is a very popular product.

Types of name badges such as Metal name badges, plastic name badges, yoyo name badges are highly preferred. However, the most popular type of badge used in pediatrics clinics belongs to the popular Zoopals series of Pedia Pals.

What are the Usage Areas of Badge Holder Clips and Nurse Badge Reel?

The clip that allows the name badges to be hung on the neck is called badge holder clips. The personnel badge, made in the desired color and design, can be used in many areas. The most preferred fields are as follows:

Hospitals and Clinics: Occupational hierarchy is inevitable due to the seriousness of the work done in health care establishments, and badges that describe the name and the profession is really important. For this reason, Badge holder clips are frequently used in hospitals.

Schools: It is used when students in schools are in charge of seminars and events. Corded name badges are also preferred in large-area activities such as excursions to avoid interfering with other school students.

Invitations, congresses, and seminars: It is preferred for the people attending the event or meeting to know who they are and get to know each other. Cards can be a single hook or double hook. Thanks to these cards, also known as collar badges, getting to know each other and determining their duty areas are much more manageable.

Fair organizations are used to determine the officials and guests in trade and all other fair organizations. Therefore, it is essential in terms of controlling the entrances and exits. The presence of photographs and additional information on the cards provides a more controlled environment.

Corporate companies: In many corporate companies, it is generally mandatory to wear a name collar. Personnel badges, which are preferred for the environment's security and with entrance and exit credits, are also used to control the working areas of the people in large plazas and working areas.

Hotel, accommodation facilities, and gyms: Badges are preferred in areas that provide paid membership and accommodation. Thanks to the cards given to members or guests, entry and exit are delivered more efficiently.

Using Nurse Badge Reel and Name Badge Holder Clips

A badge lanyard is an integral part of badge use. The name badge yo-yo offers the most practical way to lengthen the straps around your neck. According to their characteristics, the use of name badge holder clips is as follows:

Woven badge rope is the type of rope used to hang badges. It allows the cards to be carried comfortably on the neck and is produced in various colors. It can be chosen to reflect the general color tones of the office or company.

Printed (with logo) badge string: A badge string on which a design, company name or logo can be printed. It is especially preferred by corporate companies.

Name Badge Holder and Card Holder: When you need to extend or read RFID, Magnetic, Proximity cards chips used in personnel cards, yo-yo card and card yo-yo will make your job much easier. When you develop the yoyos, which can extend up to 70 cm, to the card reader and put them back, they return to their original shape. So you don't have to bend over or get close all the time.

Uniquely designed models such as patterned necklines, neck straps, and much more are waiting for you. Check out the products now and make a unique touch to your badge! You can order name badges from Pedia Pals, which have a wide range of uses and seven different animal models.

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