How to choose your medical exam table?

How to choose your medical exam table?

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When you first begin your practice, you must think about all the equipment you will need to be a successful physician. The medical exam table may be the most important of all, it is essential for the healthcare professional. Find out how to choose from the different models on the market.


Determine your needs and constraints

Ask yourself the right questions before choosing your exam table:

How much space is available in your exam room?

What should be the maximum height?

How much weight should your consultation table be able to support?

Depending on your patient base and the space, which width should you choose?

Do you need to be able to install specific medical equipment such as stirrups?

Do you need to be able to change the height or inclination? (Going from a horizontal position to a seated position for example)

Does the table need to be equipped with an integrated paper roll holder for examination sheets?

Keeping these questions in mind, our pediatric exam tables are an inexpensive solution for young doctors for their medical practice. If you opt for this type of medical consultation table, be sure to choose a height that is suitable for your patient population. The height should also suit you to avoid back pain. For this, select a good medical stool with adjustable height. To facilitate access to your patients, you will also need to purchase a step stool.

Choosing the right exam table

It is not enough to be a well-experienced doctor to be able to provide better patient care. Having quality medical equipment is also an absolute necessity. The consultation table is one of them. It is essential for carrying out various examinations. Thus, it must be chosen appropriately. However, there is a wide variety of examination tables. This makes a choice a bit tricky. The following information has been carefully selected to help you find the exam table that is right for you.

Electric exam table

More robust than conventional exam tables, electric models can support loads of up to 300 kg. Equipped with an adjustable height and backrest, they work thanks to an electric foot or hand control.

An electric exam table has many options, including the possibility of attaching stirrups, leg rests, folding barriers, an IV rod, or even the possibility of having a "face hole" option to transform the table into a massage table.

The electric 3-section exam table 

This type of modular medical exam table is particularly suitable for practitioners who perform both general medicine consultations and gynecological consultations. The central part can be raised to transform the table into a gynecology chair.

The Fixed Height exam table

The fixed-height examination table is the least expensive model of consultation table on the market. It is preferred for young doctors who have just opened a medical practice. However, it is far from practical. By opting for this examination table, you must bet on the height that suits your patients. You must also think about your comfort because, by dint of bending all the time to examine a patient, you will have back pain. The solution is to use a medical stool with an adjustable height.



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