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The Pediatric Hospital bed 6BED33 offers a full range of motion with 3 or 4 motors as well as gas/spring lift far quick trendelenburg positioning. The head board is alsa fitted with an emergency CPR lift handle to push the backrest down in an emergency. Many optional features are available as well, to include urine holder, 02 holder, 5th wheel, bariatric column motors far heavier capacity needs, nurse lock, light, and usb power. AII these capabilities come standard with central locking brake, iV pole, faur side rails and lock-in-place lifting faotboard to raise the feet to desired position.



• Removable IV Pole
• Patient Handset Far Motion Controls
• Extendable Foot Section
• Backup Battery
• Color Options
• Nurse Control Panel
• Central Locking Break Mechanism
• Side Rail Control Panel
• Three Motors.

Assembly and Details Downloand Here