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Pedia Pals' CliniKit Starter Packs are high quality and field tested products that allow patients to feel comfortable in the doctors office.  Pedia Pals' CliniKit Starter Packs were created to allow doctors to perform their task while the young patient has reduced anxiety and feels welcomed in the environment.

Pedia Pals' CliniKit Starter Packs are a great addition to an existing pediatric office or as part of a renovation to be more patient and healing oriented.  Pedia Pals a variety of products designed to make a pediatric office more kid friendly. Keeping a little patient from being a little impatient.

CliniKit Includes:

  • (2) Benjamin Bear Blood Pressure Kits: One Child, One Infant
  • (1) Tiger or Lion Stethoscope Cover **
  • (1) Jamaal Giraffe Reflex Hammer
  • (1) Manuel Mouse Ophthalmoscope Attachment (for a limited time only)
  • (2) Elly Elephant Nasal Syringes: One Pink, One Blue
  • (1) Elly Elephant Otoscope Attachments: Diagnostic
  • (500) Disposable Otoscope Tips: (250) -2.5mm, (250) -4.0mm
  • (10) Head Circumference Measuring Tapes
  • (5) Retractamals: Elephant, Chimp, Panda, White Cat, Dalmatian
  • (3) Stethoscope ID Tags: Elephant, Chimp, Mouse
  • (1) Pedia Pals Duffel Bag

*Instruments not included

** Substitutions may apply for Stethoscope Cover