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CareFull Catch is a disposable specimen cup holder that provides patients of all ages with a comfortable, sanitary and effective means to collect a sample.

Pee in the cup, not on your hand!

84% The urine specimen collection process can be unsanitary and ineffective. Often times, female patients end up with urine on their hand, clothes and on the bathroom floor. Instances of cross contamination and dropping the specimen cup cause delays in patient diagnosis and treatment. These challenges have been a concern for patients and practitioners...until now!


 Introducing CareFull Catch...a new, innovative solution that has revolutionized the traditional specimen collection process!


  • Lightweight handle that holds specimen cup and allows patient/ caregiver to keep hand 6 inches away from urine stream
  • Ergonomic design allows the patient to collect the sample while standing or sitting down
  • Flexible clasp allows the handle to attach universally to cups of all sizes
  • Innovative design provides caregivers with a hygienic method to easily collect a sample from a seated patient


  • Improves patient experience by providing hygienic means to collection process
  • Reduces urine sample contamination
  • Decreases chance of dropping the specimen cup
  • Prevents costly retesting Reduces delays in patient diagnosis and treatment
  • Sample remains sterile
  • Alleviates stress and embarrassment for patients requiring assistance