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We know the importance of kids being comfortable in the hospital so whenever you're looking for a new pediatric office furniture, make sure you check out our Pedia Pals ZooPals Dino Chair. Designed to withstand anything, these chairs are perfect for any hospital environment.

Pedia Pals ZooPals Dino pediatric office furniture are the best in the industry.  Made with fiberglass molding and coated with an anti-bacterial, anti-microbial coating makes these chair both indestructable and perfect for the hospital environment.  These chair last and have a Limited LIFETIME warranty.  Our custom molded, animal shaped chair are life-like and fun! 

• Stock Color: Purple
• Cushion: Purple

• 48" x 19" x 48" H
• Shipping Dimensions in crate:
• 50" x 20" x 54" H